Unique Weddings

Santa Benedetta, Rome

The trip includes:

  • Travel arrangements for the wedding couple, i.e. flights, hotels & transportation

Initiation package:

  • Round-trip private transport by party car for the wedding couple
  • For guests, there is a round-trip hotel-wedding-venue-hotel transportation
  • Wedding hairstyle, make-up, wedding bouquet for the bride and flower charm for the groom
  • Wedding venue rental and wedding furniture (chairs, flower arch, wedding table)
  • As a wedding venue around olive trees

Cocktail event before dinner, duration 1 hour

  • The winery’s own wine/beer/non-alcoholic option
  • An assortment of savory appetizers
  • Live music during the cocktail event, e.g. piano/guitar/saxophonist
  • A three-course menu served to the tables
  • The winery’s own wines/beers/non-alcoholic drinks as a food drink
  • Wedding cake
  • Recorded music during dinner
  • DJ after the meal

Open bar 3 hours inclusive

  • sparkling wine/wine/beer/soft drink
  • whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, etc

Bid enquiries: info@uniquetravel.fi