When the wedding hustle has subsided and it’s time to be alone to enjoy and remember the wonderful wedding day, it’s a good way to create a highlight. After the wedding, you can spend your honeymoon at the destination or we can also arrange it elsewhere.

Costs, who pays and what?

The costs of guests’ travel expenses can either be the responsibility of the wedding couple, but most often the wedding couple offers the wedding party and the guests pay for their own travel and hotel.

However, all weddings are different, so budgets sometimes vary greatly.

Abroad, with the same budget, you can get more services and more versatile servings than in Finland. For example, in Southern Europe, food, drink, flowers and some beauty services are typically more affordable than in Finland.

So there’s no point in panicking about whether the wedding will cost a fortune and how the costs will be divided, just contact us and we’ll surely find the wedding arrangements that suit your needs.

Civil initiation or symbolic initiation?

Civil marriage is the most popular way of marriage abroad. It can be organized in a place suitable for a wedding, such as a wedding venue on the beach, a vineyard, a manor garden, a castle or its yard, a viewing terrace or, for example, in front of a beautiful small historical chapel.

Two witnesses are needed at the location, but we can also arrange witnesses through a local agency. The wedding ceremony can be tailored to your own look and wedding vows or music can be added to it. Unique Weddings takes care of the bureaucratic side of the wedding. You need the original documents such as the disability certificate and birth certificate and a copy of the passport, and in certain countries the documents must be translated into the local language (e.g. Greece). You will receive an official certificate of marriage, which will be registered at the registry office.

Religious weddings are less successful and depend on the religions of the wedding couple, but in Spain you can order a Finnish ev.lut. to be ordained by a priest. In other countries, a civil ceremony is a more effortless way to get married.

The married couple can also be married in Finland in a register office before the trip. In this case, only a symbolic ceremony is organized on the spot, which can be performed by a family member or a friend of the wedding couple. The anniversary of the wedding is considered the wedding day, even if the official day is something else. A symbolic dedication can be performed in almost any place. Some wedding venues have their own chapel that can be rented for the wedding ceremony.