Questions and answers

On this page, you will find the most common questions and thoughts related to organizing weddings abroad. If you cannot find the question you are looking for on the page, please send your question via email, and we will respond that way:

What is the difference between getting married abroad compared to in Finland?

Experience. Abroad, you can organize special weddings that will be memorable for the wedding couple and guests.

Ease. Organizing a wedding abroad is very effortless for the wedding couple because all the necessary services from planning to execution are included in the price. There is a wedding coordinator at the wedding venue taking care of the arrangements. The wedding couple only needs to send the invitations and show up.

Destination. Often, a city or country that is important to the wedding couple is chosen as the destination. Wedding guests often live in different parts of Finland or abroad, and regardless, guests will travel to the wedding venue and stay overnight at a hotel. The destination can also be chosen based on where it is easy for everyone to come. The destination is selected based on the number of wedding guests and their preferences. We assist in choosing the destination.

Togetherness. When weddings are organized abroad, guests are closer together, and many reunite after a long time. Prior to the wedding, joint activities can be organized, such as excursions to nearby attractions and a communal dinner the night before. After the wedding, a brunch can be arranged before departure.

Weather. Often, it is desired to have the wedding outdoors in a warm summer evening. However, in Finland, the weather is quite uncertain, and weddings are mainly held indoors. Abroad, you can choose a location where the wedding can be organized outdoors.

Costs. Abroad, you get more for the same amount of money. Often, the cost level of the destination differs favorably from the prices in Finland, and services that would be expensive in Finland, such as an adequate number of staff and an open bar, can be arranged.

How far in advance should weddings be booked?

A wedding for two people can be booked at the latest 3 months in advance. For a larger group, we recommend booking 6-12 months in advance. The earlier the reservation is made, the more options there are for both dates and destinations.

What if not everyone can join the trip?

Sometimes not everyone can participate for various reasons. Often the wedding couple organizes a smaller event for them in Finland after the wedding.

Costs, who pays, and what?

The costs of guests’ travel expenses can be either the responsibility of the wedding couple, but more commonly, the wedding couple provides the wedding celebration while the guests cover their own travel and hotel expenses.

However, all weddings are different, so budgets can vary greatly.

With the same budget, you can get more services and diverse catering options abroad than in Finland. For example, in Southern Europe, food, drinks, flowers, and some beauty services are typically more affordable than in Finland.

So, don’t be scared about the cost of weddings and how the expenses are divided. Instead, contact us, and we will surely find the wedding arrangements that suit your needs.

Symbolic ceremony or civil ceremony?

The wedding day is meant to be as smooth and festive as possible. Getting married abroad often requires visits to the registry office and paperwork that doesn’t fit this goal. That’s why we recommend an official civil ceremony for the couple in Finland before the wedding, and a symbolic ceremony is performed at the destination without official protocols.

Symbolic ceremonies are the most popular way to get married abroad. They can be arranged in a suitable location such as a beach, vineyard, manor garden, castle or its courtyard, rooftop terrace, or even in front of a beautiful small historical chapel.

The wedding couple is usually officially married at the Registry Office in Finland before the trip. Only a symbolic ceremony is conducted on-site, which can be performed by a family member or friend of the couple. The wedding celebration day is considered the wedding day, even if the official date is different. A symbolic ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple expresses their commitment to each other without any legal significance. It is a personal and meaningful way to celebrate love and commitment.

In some cases, a civil ceremony may be possible. It’s important to inquire and agree on a civil ceremony in advance as it may not be possible in all destinations.

What does the wedding package include?

The package includes all the arrangements and catering for the entire wedding day, as well as on-site planning, implementation, and the services of a wedding coordinator. The detailed contents of the package can be found for each destination.

Can you get married abroad just the two of you?

Weddings abroad can be organized for two people, a small group, or a large group. Typically, there are 30-100 guests. The most popular destinations for getting married abroad as a couple are Mauritius and the Maldives. European destinations are generally sold to larger groups.

Where can I find a hairstylist and makeup artist abroad?

A hairstylist and makeup artist will come to the hotel to pamper the bride. The bride will also have a trial hairstyle and makeup session.


The wedding package includes wedding photography and a photographer for the wedding. The photos are delivered digitally to the wedding couple after the wedding. The photographer’s portfolio and the couple’s preferences are always considered when it comes to the style of the photos.

Bridal bouquet and venue decoration

The bridal bouquet is created according to the wedding couple’s preferences using local flowers. Venue decoration is included in the price. However, it is possible to bring your own decorations.

Can I choose a band or a DJ myself?

The wedding package includes local live music or a DJ.

How to arrange transportation from the hotel to the wedding venue?

Special transportation is arranged for the wedding couple depending on the location.
Shuttle transportation is provided for the guests from the hotel to the wedding venue and back.

How long before the wedding do you need to arrive at the venue?

We recommend the wedding couple to arrive at least 3 days before the wedding, and guests 1-2 days before the wedding.

How long can you stay at the wedding venue?

Usually until 02-03, depending on the location. The staff will be present until the end and will clean up afterwards.

What additional services do you offer?

We have tried to include everything necessary in the wedding package. In addition to that, we offer a wide range of additional services, such as:

  • Travel and accommodation for the wedding couple and guests.
  • Excursions and group meals before and after the wedding.
  • Special requests as per possibilities, such as fireworks, entertainment, or special food and drinks.
  • Basic wedding photography is included in the package. Some may choose to separately order videography, drone footage, or other specific photography requests.
  • Guest arrangements. Surprises can be arranged in the hotel room according to the guests’ preferences.
  • Honeymoon trips. Often, the wedding couple wants to continue their journey directly to another destination for their honeymoon. Another option is to choose a suitable time after the wedding.


A honeymoon is a romantic and intimate trip that a couple takes immediately after the wedding or commonly within a year of the wedding day. It is a time for newlyweds to relax and enjoy each other’s company without the stress of wedding planning. The honeymoon offers an opportunity to celebrate the new marriage, create shared memories, and enjoy romantic moments.

The choice of honeymoon destination can vary according to the couple’s preferences. Popular destinations often include exotic coastal locations such as tropical islands, sandy beaches, or romantic cities. Some couples also opt for more adventurous honeymoons, such as hiking in the mountains or diving into the underwater world.

The duration of the honeymoon can range from a few days to several weeks. It is important that the honeymoon provides enough time for relaxation, exploration, and enjoying each other’s company. During the honeymoon, the couple can participate in various activities and excursions, enjoy shared meals, relax at spas or beaches, explore the local culture and nature, or simply spend time together in the hotel room.

The honeymoon is an important part of the wedding experience, and it can create memorable moments and strengthen the bond between the couple. It offers a chance for the couple to celebrate their new life phase and create shared memories that will last in their hearts forever.

After the wedding, you can spend your honeymoon at the wedding destination, or we can arrange it elsewhere. We tailor all our honeymoons to fit the wedding couple’s budget and schedule. Browse honeymoon destinations.

How far in advance do the weddings need to be paid?

30% upon booking
6 months before: 30%
2 months before: 40%

How far in advance do guests need to confirm their participation?

At least 2 months in advance.
Guests pay a €250 per person reservation fee when booking flights and hotels if they have a group reservation. The final payment is due 2 months before.