Unique wine tours
Luxury wine tours

For those of you who seek something unique from your journey!

A successful journey consists of many important elements. Our trips always include the best flight connections, stylish hotels, high-quality transportation services, an interesting program centered around wine themes, and delightful dining experiences. The high-quality content of the trip is created together with a Finnish wine expert who acts as a wine guide and ensures an unforgettable experience. During your vacation, you can focus solely on enjoying and relaxing.

With over 20 years of experience as organizers of trips and events, we have a clear understanding of what a high-class and memorable journey requires. We have organized trips for Viinilehti’s Bouquet Club for 10 years, as well as private trips for numerous wine societies. We tailor individually designed trips for companies, associations, groups of friends, and couples. As a responsible travel organizer, we are registered with the Competition and Consumer Authority’s package travel register.

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